Lost a domain by mistake?


It happens more often than you think!

Imagine this: you are a website owner and suddenly you find that your website has disappeared, your email has stopped working and an organization or person you've never heard of is now listed as the owner of your domain name. To face a situation like this sounds like a nightmare, but actually is surprisingly common.

The good news is, we're here to help!

How can it happen and what does it mean to be a domain owner?

As a domain owner, also called registrant you acquire the right to use, renew, restore, or transfer for the particular domain name. This is only the case for as long as all fees, terms, and additional requirements are paid and followed. Every domain name comes with an annual renewal fee and the particular terms. When the fee isn't paid or the name gets cancelled, you lose the rights and someone else can register / purchase it.

Our domain brokers regained many domains for clients

We have very good connections to many hosters and registrars. Buymyname works together with all major players that are specialized and offer dedicated servers to secure in miliseconds a domain name upon its availability.

The main reasons why domains get deleted by mistake

• The owner did not enable or set their domains to auto renew
• Renew reminders bounced or ended up in a mail box from a previous employee or spam.
• Forgotten to update payment information (expired credit cards)
• Turned off renewal notification emails

Your domain name is one of your business most important assets.

Do you really own the name?
It is important to understand that if your website is connected to a domain name, it does not automatically mean that you are the legal owner. Quite often website developer companies register domains for clients and not all of them use the name of the client as the registrant and administrative contact. Having the wrong name on your domain registration can cause frustrating and expensive problems.

Lost your domain name and would like to regain it back?
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