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Digital goldmine: turns out to be a domain treasure worth several million US dollars

Registered in 1996 for a miniscule sum of around 30 US dollars, the domain is now back on the market and, according to expert estimates, a multi-million dollar treasure.

In a world where a 30-second Super Bowl advert generates seven million dollars, the value of a memorable domain cannot be overestimated.

Albert Schimmel, domain expert at, knows: "In June 2023, there were around 356 million registered domain names, with 47.8 per cent of the world's top ten million websites using the versatile .com extension." He is convinced: " is a symbol of simplicity and accessibility, a valuable universal key to the internet. It is rare for such a powerful domain to be freely available again." 

But not only the domain expert knows the value of, leading personalities who have acquired and actively use premium domains in their respective industries also emphasise its central role for the future of "digital real estate".

- Marco Aarnink, founder and CEO of, describes his domain as the ultimate domain name for the printing industry. He emphasises: "In the digital age, the true value of a domain name cannot be underestimated. Short domain names are like prime real estate of the future." For him, radiates "universal appeal, positivity and strength". That's why Aarnink is firmly convinced "that will become a symbol of success for forward-thinking entrepreneurs".

- Charlie Bullock, co-founder and CEO of, says: "In order to establish as a leading healthcare platform, we had to make a conscious decision in favour of a high-quality domain name. facilitates access and strengthens the credibility of our brand. Just as it is crucial for us to be top of mind with patients and doctors, the acquisition of will undoubtedly strengthen the digital identity and brand recognition of any entrepreneur and is therefore a smart investment for the future."

- Callum Sommerton, CEO of Chill Brands Group, reflects on the strategic purchase of and the many opportunities that come from owning the domain: "Owning has paid off in many ways, including increased web traffic, enhanced marketing opportunities and an expanded business horizon. Entrepreneurs who secure a domain like are sure to experience a similarly transformative journey."

- Paul Van Doorn, CEO of, a pioneer in performance marketing with a presence in over 20 countries worldwide, says: "Generic domains aren't just valuable, they're critical. They provide instant brand recognition, trust and recall. The domain not only reflects these qualities, but epitomises them by establishing itself as an undeniably powerful tool for building an impressive online presence."

- Rolf Larsen, successful entrepreneur in the field of Internet services and infrastructure, says: "The acquisition of was crucial for us. The domain is memorable and represents our service perfectly. It is easy to remember and conveys a good image right from the start. The domain has great potential for entrepreneurs to build trust, credibility and a lasting brand message that will ultimately benefit the company. expresses a positive attitude towards the brand."

Whether it becomes the new digital home of a tech giant, a leading e-commerce company or a pioneering start-up: will also shape the future of the digital landscape as a domain name. Its simplicity and universality make it a digital treasure that captures the imagination of investors and tech enthusiasts alike.

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Nov 2023