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YES.com is for sale!
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A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase one of the best domain names in the world.

The word "yes" is like a key that can unlock good things.
It helps open doors, foster connections and create a sense of belonging and openness to new ideas. The "yes" signals agreement, unity, cooperation and optimism.
Albert Schimmel Domain Broker
Albert Schimmel Domain Broker

We're looking forward to working with ambitious and visionary potential buyers for this ultra-premium domain name.

Serious inquiries aligned with the caliber of this opportunity are welcomed, while offers significantly below its true worth will not be entertained.

Contact us at: yes@buymyname.com

6 key reasons why you should purchase yes.com

1) Unforgettable branding

yes.com is highly brandable, an extremely positive and easy to remember domain name. 

Your visitors will effortlessly recall your website. The word "yes" is globally recognized as one of the most popular and well-known words in the English language.

Perfect for spreading via word-of-mouth.

Imagine securing a half-minute commercial during major events like the Super Bowl, an endeavour that can add up to millions of dollars. A memorable domain like yes.com is essential.

2) Valuable digital asset

The initial cost of purchasing Yes.com is negligible compared to the ongoing cost of advertising and public relations.

Yes.com is an asset that can remain on your balance sheet forever and can be used as an important tool for your business.

Beyond the immediate benefits, owning yes.com could potentially yield a strong return on investment should you decide to sell it in the future.

3) Credibility and trust

Online users need to be confident that their personal and financial information is safe. Yes.com conveys trust and credibility to potential customers. 

As an ultra-premium domain, it elevates your brand to the rank of a respected market leader and demonstrates reliability and security.

4) Future expansion and diversification

Yes.com ensures that there are no limits to your growth potential, as this generic and positive domain offers an extreme amount of room for future expansion and diversification of your business.

It can generate revenue, strengthen your brand and increase your profits, even if the business, products or services change fundamentally over the years and in the future.

5) Minimize typos and lost traffic

yes.com is memorable and easy to type, reducing the risk of typos and lost traffic.
A memorable and concise domain that customers can easily remember.

With yes.com you buy a "location" that cannot be copied. A virtual real estate location that is comparable to one of the best commercial properties in your sector.

6) Get an @yes.com email address

A yourname@yes.com email address immediately communicates professionalism by making a positive impression on clients, partners and customers.

It ensures that emails reach their intended inbox without a hitch and don't end up as missed opportunities or risk issues with a competitor or someone else because of spelling or typing errors.

Contact us at: yes@buymyname.com