Domain purchase brokerage

for already registered domains

We make buying already registered domains easy!

We help you buy already registered, desirable domain names, even if they are not for sale!

Where others often fail, we usually succeed in getting in touch with the owner and convincing them to consider selling the domain name.

The founder Albert Schimmel and his cooperation partners from external brokers have been successfully active in the domain industry for many years. We have brokered thousands of internet addresses for a total amount of tens of millions of euros.

Among them also very high-quality domains, which are now world-famous websites.

Domain appraisal

As longstanding industry experts, we know our trade and are very good at assessing the value of a domain based on comparative data and ensuring that the budget agreed with you is appropriate.

Anonymous negotiation

We negotiate anonymously to buy domains directly from the owners. During the negotiation process, we never reveal the identity of any buyer or company. We are happy to sign an NDA and will always protect your confidential information.

We broker worldwide

Our main focus is on the acquisition of domains for companies, start-ups, lawyers and brand agencies all over the world.
Through our network, we can negotiate in many languages, which makes it easier to reach an agreement.

We know many of the professional domain traders personally and have successfully closed deals with them in the past.

Domain transfer and payment handling

Most people don't buy domains regularly, and domain transfer processes are often complicated. That's why we guide you through the entire process. Our service does not stop at the mere brokerage. We also take care of the payment processing, the transfer and e.g. the search for the right trustee, or registrar.

We take care of everything!

If we are unsuccessful in purchasing a domain, no commission will be charged.

We have a real passion for domains and the motivation to persevere.
With our unique approach, we get the valuable domains you really want!